Janet Wong, Founder

A mainstay in the fashion world, Janet Wong founded Cabana just over 10 years ago, and today it remains the authority in all things swim and resort wear. We spoke with Janet to discover the inspiration behind the creation of Cabana, the show’s evolution and how she navigates the ever-changing landscape of fashion to keep Cabana relevant and influential.

Tell us a little about your career before founding Cabana. 

Prior to starting Cabana, I was the buying director for Atrium Miami, and previous to that I had a clothing line. We celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Cabana last July, and recently launched a more intimate iteration of the show in Miami this past January. 

What was the inspiration behind the creation of Cabana, and how has it evolved since its inception?

When Atrium Miami first opened its doors, we decided to allocate a third of the retail space to beach and swim. Recognizing the demand for swim and resort wear throughout the year, we realized there was a need within our community for a thoughtfully curated swim and resort wear show. Today, we showcase products including swimwear, jewelry, clothing and accessories from every corner of the world.

Cabana is described as more than just a trade show, but rather a living storybook of diversity and cultural richness. How do you go about curating each chapter and ensuring that it reflects the unique tales of brands from around the world?

We feel every region in the world has a specific and distinct point of view via craftsmanship and style, and it is important for us to try and have as many of these brands represented at our show as possible. We’re always looking for new designers to become a part of the Cabana experience. 

How do you navigate the ever-changing landscape of fashion, ensuring that Cabana remains relevant and influential? 

This is our biggest challenge: finding newness in the market, whether it's a brand or a different take on a trend. We are always keeping an eye out for anything that we find exciting and know the market will respond to.  

Have social media, marketing and/or PR played a role in the long-term growth and sustainability of Cabana as a platform for brands and retailers?

We haven’t relied on social media or PR in the past, but we're now leaning towards integrating them more into our strategy. We’re excited to work with our brands and partners to bring more awareness to our community through these channels. 

Are there any old favorite or up-and-coming brands you are particularly excited about right now? 

Established that we love and launched:

New brands we love:

Can you share a sneak peek of what we can expect at Cabana in Miami this June?

In addition to introducing new designers to our Cabana show in Miami this June, we're excited to be introducing a new area of the show: a dedicated area highlighting fabric suppliers. This year, attendees will be able to see materials and textiles from 12-15 suppliers – materials that underpin the creations showcased at Cabana.


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